Indigenes – Help !

It is time to ask the Indigenes for help, I think.

Australia,  USA, Canada,  NZ,  at least have some Indigenes to which the people can turn to for help, hopefully.

For the people, we the people, have lost everything.

All that was built up over the millenia, from cave man days really but quite definitely since pre-christian times,  has gone, has been taken away.

And even sanity has gone. Reason, logic, truth, sense.

Not just ‘common sense’ but logical sense,  scientific sense:  all sense is outlawed today.

Madness predominates.  Dominates.  Pre-dominates.

We now can be and are confined to indefinite house arrest at a moment’s notice and with no chance of consultation,  with no prior consultation,  with no acquiescence from  us.

We can be arrested for merely speaking about this injustice as an injustice.

We are fed lies and can be arrested for simply pointing out that they are lies.

There’s places where sections of the populace can burn and break and plunder as they wish, with impunity.  While other sections can be jailed and/or bashed senseless for simply saying a ‘banned’ word.

A word that can be said by some but not by others.

That is to say

Freedom of speech is gone.

Freedom of thought is gone

Freedom of movement is gone

Public safety is gone.

Equality is gone.

Reason itself is gone.

We are in an insane world.

The insanity is wholescale, global, all pervading,  cannot be avoided.  It is amply demonstrated daily very graphically if simplistically by videos and pics of Presidents and such stepping out of airplanes,  making speeches in cathedral like spacious premises and so on – and wearing face masks.

That is:  people of supposedly the highest intelligence and status in our community hiding from an imaginary threat behind an imaginary wall.

A virus that won’t hurt them as proven by established statistics going back more than one year now as a ‘terrible threat’ and a mask which statistics going back more than one year now demonstrates is totally ineffective even in circumstances wherein they might be appropriate.   Such as operating theatres.  Where at least one hospital in the UK after a series of test decided the surgeons would dispense with them as they seemed to make no difference whatever to infection rates.

But the open air, the sunlight, the wind, the distance from everyone else makes them very inappropriate in any case.

Yet those same ‘distinguished’,  ‘high status’,  ‘very intelligent’, ‘leaders’ publicly wear them.

That is:  they say ‘we will be blatantly and egregiously stupid but we want you to take us seriously’.

And the world does exactly that.  Never laughs, never mocks, never questions,  never sets on them and puts an end to the farce.

For all is lost.  The world is, we can see, too far gone.

So what to do?

There’s nothing to do within the system. It cannot be repaired.  This is the sort of total corruption of the State that is generally resolved via violent revolution.

But we don’t want that.  Or at the very least we want to be out of harms way while it happens.

So where to go? There doesn’t seem to  be a country in the world which is not being equally imbecilic.

Well perhaps we can go to our indigenes.

They have some things we don’t have.

They have a right to live, for a start.

We have no ‘right to live’.  We must ‘pay to live’.  If living means having a home.

For once you have a home  you must always pay, in our world, else you will lose your home.   There are always rates and charges and the govt. reserves the right to sell you up if you don’t pay them.

Hence you are always renting.

You might think you’d buy a cheap block of country and go  hide on it and let the world go hang.  But you can’t do that.  While ever you are on it you are attached to the system and must pay those rates and taxes.

Well indigenes don’t have that.  They can live on their land and build or not build and not be taxed.

Though of course under pressure from various directions they all have areas wherein they build imitations of our settlements: villages,  communities, what -have-you and may well charge rents and other charges.

And it could be that in those places the same thing happens as in our system: pay up or get out.

But generally the difference is clear:  their land is given to ‘them’ – a distinct group different from ‘us’,  the common herd of the nation suffering under our common rules.

It is given to ‘them’ with the vague understanding amongst us that they want to live in the way their stone age ancestors lived and so on….

they are not charged any rent, any lease payments for the land and it is given to all of ‘them’.  In our law none of them can be denied access or right to it.

So we could start there.

If they would let us in.  Let us join their band.  Their tribe or whatever.

We’d then have a place to live and ostensibly live forever without fear of eviction.  Streets ahead immediately of where we are now.

And that just the beginning.

For reason and logic still prevail with them.

They often have tribal systems within which each man has an equal say – they rule by consensus rather than by edict.

That is: they don’t have a ‘leader’ or bunch of scallywag politicians and opportunists telling them what to do but instead they together decide what to do.

And they generally don’t do much.

They’re more interested in simply living.  Being alive.  Being part of a family.  Being human.

Whereas we have clearly abandoned all desire to approach humanity more closely, more purely and seek instead, if anything, some kind of cybergoal – to be a wealthy cyborg or something…   a machine with lots of toys perhaps..  that the govt switches on and off as it pleases…

Going back to the indigenes would be like going back to the stone age in some senses but a long, long way from really, obviously enough.

We’d still be in this day and age with all its knowledges and sciences and technologies.

But we’d just have a completely new start.

They don’t have all these madnesses there I think?

We’ve got them here and it looks like we’ll never get rid of them.

Leave here.  Go there. Start again.

If they’ll have us.



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