Vive la Revolution !

I just realised we’re truly living in revolutionary times.  There’s been a revolution.  We’re living through a revolution.

Was reading a comments section on an  AIER post and a commentator said what was needed was a revolution to ‘restore the republic’.

I started out trying to say that wouldn’t work and then I found  myself realising there is a revolution.


This is it:


I think maybe your are thinking of a ‘traditional’ revolution with guns and bombs? Without doubt many Americans are. But such a revolution would only do immense harm and fix nothing. Kill thousands. Create hatred and divisions for decades. Ensconce the powerful more securely.

Look how the Democrats have reacted to the Capitol thing?

Have you any idea? You know in the UK at least notionally the Houses of Parliament are open to the public to wander through at any time as they wish.

The notion is that the seat of government belongs to the people. It is the people.

In the USA we’ve got a clear vivid demonstration that govt belongs to govt and it fears and hates the people and manifests towards them a clear threat: the point of a sword, the barrel of a gun. Tells them ‘you are not welcome here’.

Go for armed revolution against a machine like that and you’ve simply got terrible destruction. You fix nothing.

But a thought: we’ve just had a revolution.

And we didn’t see it.

We’ve just had a revolution successfully take over the country, at least, the USA, but even, possibly, the whole world.

Those in power have joined forces with any and all disaffected groups,

They share an understanding that reason, logic, common sense, science, truth, honesty, justice, rights, etc.. are all to be mocked, belittled, denigrated, trodden on and ignored.

It’s a party. A feast. Those that ‘get it’ happily ‘play it’ to the hilt.

The enemy is the norm, the established understanding of the world with its logic, its reasoning, its rules, its everything.

To play the game you must know that, accept that. And then you pick up a convenient flag and any one will do – BLM, Antifa, Gay rights, Greenies… whatever.. any will do. If you can’t find one you like a new one has been created to cover all: ‘anti-white privilege (even whites can wave this flag).

And then you loudly (it is important to be loud) wave it and scream abuse and demands in all directions.

State governors, University chancellors, Business leaders, Police chiefs, Local Councils and on and on will bow to your demands and you’ll be allowed to destroy whatever you like..

Go without a flag and speak reasonably and ask for established norms to be kept and laws to be adhered to and justice be served and you’ll reveal yourself as the enemy, the despised enemy and you’ll be trodden down.

It is a return to the ‘law of the gun’. To ‘might is right’.

Our proud Western world boast is that the people rule the people for the people and by the people. That ‘right’ is what the we the people decide is right.

This means that ‘right’ and ‘rule’ are by consensus and then by law.

So that the fact that you’ve got a lot of power doesn’t at all mean that you can or should tell us all what to do.

We’ve said that what matters is what’s right, not who’s the most powerful.

Well this is revolution to counter that. Throw away all that high minded fanciful philosophical thinking. A return to brutal realities.

A return to the fundamental truth: Might is Right.

Yes. It always was a fundamental truth and we surmounted it by realising that in the end we, collectively, were the ‘might’ and we, collectively could control and direct that might in accord with principles and philosophies. And we said it’s a done thing: from now on might is no longer right but controlled and directed might controlled and directed by us all collectively, that will be the right.

Well now there’s a revolution. That concept has been overturned, thrown out, dispensed with and parties from the top and the bottom of society have decided to return to and embrace the fundamental primitive truth that ‘might is right’.

So the govt says we have the might to do as we please so you’re all in home imprisonment and you’re all to wear masks and your all to take this vaccine and you’re not raise you voice in demur or write in demur or protest and we’ll spend all your money on whatever we like and we’ll destroy your businesses, your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations…. your everything, as we please.

And those ‘at the bottom’ say we’ll gather in groups and we’ll rampage through the cities and we’ll loot and burn and pillage and accost and abuse and attack and even kill at will and without hindrance….

And those at the top and those at the bottom recognise each other and combine in an alliance and thus it does. This we’ve seen.

This we see right now.

Kindred spirits sharing in the revolution. Plundering. Raping. Taking.

In the end, of course, the overwhelmingly more powerful will crush those smaller groups but in the meantime they serve to deflect attention away from what the govt is doing.

So it is a revolution.

The whole western world paradigm has changed from rule by the people for the people to rule by might.

That is 1984 has come but it took us by surprise. We couldn’t believe it. And it came in reverse, so to speak. Rather than ‘Big Brother’ being elected into office and then issuing his edicts and changing the nation they did it the other way around.

They changed the nation first and will reveal themselves only later. Elections we can forget.

And who knew: ‘Big Brother’ has been assisted by all these little groups within the people. By all the criminal groups within the people, even.. How on earth could that be?

On what common grounds. Where’s the political philosophy that unites a murderous band of arsonists and heads of government?

Archaic thinking. There’s no fancy political philosophies needed. Only a gut instinctive understanding that ‘might is right’ and you act swiftly and noisily and take whatever you want as quickly as you can.

And that’s what’s happening right now.

You’ve got your revolution. What you want is an anti-revolution. That’ll be when its calm again. And we’ll be able to look at the fences that surround us.

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