20,000 Dead Per Month! For What?


‘Ukraine’ – i.e. the Zelensky/CIA part of it – is losing 20,000 dead per month.

20,000.    I live in a town of 20,000.  That’s like my whole town being wiped out each month.

Got to say: For what?

Well it is all so that at the end of it they (Zelensky/CIA) will be able to bomb into submission the DPR and LPR.

That’s all it is about.

They want to annihilate the DPR and LPR.  So Russia stepped in to help them.

Let it end the way Zlenenski/CIA want it to end and what happens?  The annihilate DPR/LPR – and probably Crimea, too, for good measure.

Now here’s the thing:  the vast majority of ordinary Ukrainians couldn’t give a damn about annihilating anyone. They just want to live in peace.

AND even those amongst them who DO want to annihilate, are full of festering hate,  they’ll get nothing out of this.  NOTHING.  They may get a chance to go down there to the southeast and actually get a gun and kill someone if that makes them happy.

Get in the army and shell some cvilians, if that makes them happy, as it has done for 8 years.

But that’s all they’ll get.  In real terms, honest human terms, not terms of bloodthirsty hate,  they’ll get nothing.

The govt and crooks will do all the ‘getting’.  They are the ones who will profit.  Not the people. Not any of the people. Not the good, not the bad,  not on this side, not on that side.

This whole thing is a people destroying work of insanity.

Call for an immediate CEASEFIRE. For god’s sake.

This bloke will tell you:


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