Zelensky/Kiev Ukraine Truth.


I call it ‘Kiev Ukraine’  to distinguish it from the greater Ukraine which incorporates DPR and LPR for instance.

‘Breakaway’ Republics they brokeaway because they could not tolerate the Kieve administration and the Minsk accords afforded them autonomy as Republics WITHIN a Ukraine Federation.

They sought to be PART of Ukraine.  But Kiev Ukraine would not and will not have it.  Kiev Ukraine is a power hungry monster such as the people of the world have known since time immemorial.  They do not consider the welfare of their people, they consider only expanding their power over as many people as possible.

That’s, for instance, China today.

It is a commonplace.

So we have two:  ‘Kiev Ukraine’  and the ‘wider Ukraine’ which would include all people notionally Ukrainian and who wish to live in peace with each other.

Here is part of the story.  A very illuminating little video, telling it as it is:


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