Banned from Substack !!!!


God damn !

I posted a little while ago about Substack preventing me making any more posts – because of my 'email list' they said.  What email list? I know nothing of any email lists.  So I protested to their 'protest' mechanism and waited.  But I heard nothing.

So today I go again to look and check what is happening.   I figured it would all be blown over.

But no.  It's got worse!  Now they've removed my whole 'blog' or whatever you call a substack account.

Weird.  I had no idea.  Such a pretentious outfit supposedly harbouring all kinds of talent and devoted to free speech and truth and ( I suppose ) literary talent: but does things like that/this.

Drive me away and into my own blog.

Good one.   🙂

Doing me a good turn.





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