Zelensky and the club – or the mirror ?

One day surely Zelensky has to wake up to how the world sees him, the Western world, the people he goes to visit and plead with for money, for 'help' ?

We can deceive ourselves for a long time, being in company where we do not belong but eventually we wake up inevitably, don't we?

The human reality has to break through our conceit, our self deception, our egomanias, our wish fulfillment etc. Doesn't it?

How is Zelensky seen?

Not hard to imagine is it? Not hard to figure out.

For nations steeped in decades of sitcoms and Hollywood dramas nearly all plot situations come naturally to us – we can suss a sitcom as soon as we see the opening credits.

What's Zelensky's sitcom?

He's a ragged urchin bursting into the elite clubroom, isn't he?

A ragged, conceited, self important, somewhat messianically maniacal, demanding, insistent, insolent constantly importuning essentially 'low life' urchin.

He got in on the basis of having some important relevance to a project near to the hearts of the club.

Two projects, ever ongoing: The destruction of a big rival and The constant search for plunder.

It was mooted that this Zelensky could help with those projects so he got in. Muddy boots and scruffy tee shirt and all.

And they listened to his story. Fascinated to hear what life looked like for such as him.

He told it like this:

He has a half brother that he doesn't like very much and he wants to take everything this half brother has.
But the brother is resisting.
And the brother has help from his friends across the border: the half brother's family.

Ah. They pricked up their ears at this. The 'family across the border' was in fact the rival they dearly loved to destroy
AND the 'half brother' had lands and wealth they could happily take, too
AND it was immediately quite clear that if they let the brothers fight and fight and fight they would eventually be so weakened they would be unable to defend their land.

So: the club could see here a perfect opportunity to get the brother's land almost certainly and quite possibly get at the 'family across the border', too.

So they decided to humour this urchin and feed him whatever required in order to keep this conflict going.

And things proceeded in that way. And do to this day.

And while immersed and enmeshed in it and all the dizzying convolutions and machinations it'd be easy to be completely convinced of the validity of it all and
totally occupied in the mind and heart by it all.

But sooner or later it all becomes more mundane, ordinary, routine.. periods of calm.. a little hiatus here and there…. perhaps an odd glimpse of the self in a mirror..

And that's when the realisation might suddenly come that " I don't belong in this club. They are having me on. They are using me. "

Surely this has to happen to Zelensky?

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