A horror spreading across the world ?

Got to get it into proportion. When I first stumbled across this today I was staggered, shocked to the core.  It felt like the end of the world.  A sudden revelation that all the world has fallen to bits.

But we have all of Africa in the main, I think?  All India? There's 1.5billion.

And all China,  there's another 1.5 billion.

Whew. So it isn't so bad.  But it is BAD.  As though there wasn't enough bad with this 'evil empire' busy destroying everything and everyone it can find.

There's a cure.  Spread the word.  What word?  The stone cold sensible facts have been revealed and are revealed again and again to people almost on a daily basis.

The 'mystery' of life is no mystery any more.  The NDE people keep coming 'back' and telling us the truth.

That's the 'cure'.

And here is the problem:


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