End of Smartphones? It's a nothing more than a wallplug.

I saw a video on YT called 'The end of smartphones is near' by a Mr Joe Scott.

It goes on and on and all down the wrong track I think.

So it prompted me to say this which I'd like to repeat here:

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concentrating on smartphones is like concentrating on wall power plugs. It's not the plug that's important it is the electricity it brings. at the moment everyone is asleep. that's how come the USA is the 'evil empire', that's how come the Ukraine war, that's how come the Covid madness, that's how come the human-caused climate change lie, that's how come everything! the proof of that is this very video where he 'concentrates on the wall plug'. Listen: the thing is the people of the world were told that they had 'democracy' but they didn't. they couldn't. the world was not ready for it. the world could not deliver it. Why not? Because democracy is government of the people by the people. But how the hell could the people possibly govern themselves? They didn't know what the hell was/is going on. They couldn't every single on of them talk to the government, let their wishes be known. Christ, they couldn't even talk to each other find out what the group was thinking. They couldn't access the masses of data in the world, discover the facts about things. If they did find data they didn't have the expertise to interpret it. If they had the expertise they didn't have the computing power. So. So what they got was 'representative democracy'. Where every few years you get to choose between two points of view. And that was it. The end. Okay? Right? Isn't it so? BUT Now all is different. ALL. Because of the 'electricity' that the smartphone delivers into our headspace. We can now do ALL those things we couldn't do before. ALL. And more. And THAT'S the exciting news of the decade, the millenium. Pass that around. Think on that. Take your eyes off the plug and the pretty distracting pictures and the inane nonsense and seize the world.

And here is a link to his  video.  I guess I owe him that.  🙂

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