A beauty article revealing some aspects I didn't know.


This Korybko fellow publishes on Substack and won't allow comments unless you're a subscriber:  a paying subscriber.

So that lets me out because I'm not.

And perhaps better that way.  I wanted to comment to him, to his article, or to the other viewers – whoever it is we comment to when we make these comments – that I found it very revealing what he said about the international consequences of America's machinations in Armenia.

I had no idea, simpleton that I am, such things were going on all the time.  But in fact that's it, isn't it? They are going on 'all the time'.  It is what the world is made of.  I guess.

It is the stuff that all the commentators on the history of the 'social' – the world of nations, civilisations – talk about all the time.

And in precisely those terms where the entities in question are the 'nations' but in truth the 'nations' are no more real entities than corporations are.

Convenient legal fiction.

But why I'm saying it's maybe good I can't comment there is because none of 'us' ( the non-paid subscribers) can. AND that means if we want to say something there's at least some chance we'll so something such as I'm doing here: take independent action, promulgate it further.

And that's what it and everything needs. Free, further promulgation, away from the confines of profit motivated 'corrals'.

Yup. That's my main statement.

But his article – to which I will link – says that; well here's the notes I took of it as I went through it, cut and pasted,  just as I created them:
armenia is revanchist apparently (title of article in question)
lure armenia away from russia
scto mutual defence alliance
armenia was defeated in Karabakh
resentment: russia responsible for their defeat – their diaspora says this
says US goals 1,2,3
1. worsen russia armenia relations
2. esp militarily
3 to spy on russia through armenia
now a fourth:
4. turn armenia into US's bastion of regional influence
this means (he says) it will eventually have to reassert its influence over georgia
"so long as georgia retains strategic autonomy us cannot maximally exploit armenia"
so needs to coerce or force Tblisi to do what it wants: give US military access.
this provides 'strategic leverage' vis a vis russia, turkey, azerbaijan, iran
difficult for those four countries to 'counter'
but closer 'military strategic' coordination would help

WTF does all that mean?  And where do people figure in all that?

I could ramble on and on now.  But I ought not. Because I'm digesting it and thinking on it.

Seems to me its a barrel load of bs but I'm coming to be sadly aware this is bs that runs the world today.

And we ought to put a stop to it.  By existing.  See?   We simply don't exist in any of the above.  See?

It is all about what these countries, these 'nations' are going to do and how they can be manipulated but it all refers to resident govt or manipulators or future manipulators:  i.e. the CIA will operate on current manipulators and replace them with others (if they don't do as they're told).

And people don't figure.

Or do they?  Well they do inasmuch as they are planned to be propagandised to where they will back 'popular' movements and thus enable things like coup d'etat and like the Maidan in Ukraine.

But even there they don't figure as real people do they? They figure as predictable sheeple.  They will be manipulated in this way and they will do that.  All part of the plan.

So the focus never shifts from those central figures:  the 'govts' of all these nations and such as the CIA which I suppose we should also call a 'govt' for it is an arm of the USA govt isn't  it?

Some argue it actually IS the US govt.  Govt figures come and go and policies come and go or at least pretend to: but the CIA keeps itself to itself and does what it does regardless of anyone or anything.

I am not explaining myself very well.

I think I'll give up trying for this time at least.  Have another go another time.

Just trying to say people are left out of the equation except as incidental bit players, crowd scene extras.

But they should be what it is all about, the whole story, the whole plot, the whole drama.



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