Sad news…

I find Korybko's  latest about Admiral Stavridis'  Bloomberg piece to be sad news.

It essentially says that 'rump' Ukraine will be part of NATO.  Like as in foregone conclusion.

And that means free American access.

And that means nukes and sabre rattling and worse right on Russia's doorstep.

I wouldn't be happy, won't be happy, until the European people wake up and take Europe back and throw the USA and its filthy machinations out. Right out.

Half a million dead in Ukraine in pursuit of ethnic cleansing.

Tens of thousands dead in Gaze in pursuit of the same.

That's the USA.

And Stavridis suggests the USA will advance further and Korybko seems to see it as inevitable.

We desperately need the people of the world to wake up.

These lunatics will not stop until the world is in flames or worse.

What would USA in Ukraine, NATO in Ukraine be? Constant provocation,  constant war making with Russia.

The worst possible outcome.  The worst.

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