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I subscribe to 'Dr Rob Campbell',  a substack  author.

And he published a 'weekly update' on the situation in Ukraine and we had come exchanges in the comments section.
It came to where Dr Rob said this in a reply to me where he wonders about the future:
Dr. Rob Campbell
I accept what you are saying but I think the strength of the elites who control the West is in decline and that of their competitors in the emerging Multi-polar world is increasing. Of course, I don't know how things are going to work out but I am optimistic: it's good for my health.

This triggered me because I often wonder about this very question and I have some definite thoughts on the subject.
So I was moved to respond with this length piece which I'd like to put here for my own records and hopefully for some promulgation perhaps, by others, over the course of time:
arthur brogard

I place a lot of hope on the youth of today. You've seen them. Only from the back, of course, as they sit huddled before their computers, or perhaps from afar so to speak as they sit eyes down at their smartphones. Paying us and the world no mind. Concentrating on their games and their social media.

But I think they aware and biding their time or waiting the natural time to come.

They will turn their attention to these matters and in particular the 'villains' of the peace in a way never before seen in the history of humanity.

Never before possible. For the eyes and attentions of millions suddenly to scour the records and programs of the world in search of certain persons and certain activities.

With their skills capable of piercing any defence, extracting any data, computing any things.

Ubiquity. They already are physically everywhere, of course, but their cyber presence will be so 'everywhere' it will make the so called omnipresence of cctv look like sparsely populated deserts.

All our lumbering long winded specious arguments, debates, protestations, manifestations and mouthings of the past will be replaced by lighting fast production of incontrovertible documents, records, proofs of the truth.

Truth no longer that which the smoothest most convincing orator can persuade us of but that which they cause their world-wide universal computer to produce.

Dire prophesies and predictions by con artists on the one hand and loony end-of-the-worlders on the other will be replaced by logical scientific calculations on proven data and checked by other equally valid programmes.

They will bring sense to the world for they have the power to do it. We all do. With this internet an smartphones. But we are mired in our old ways. We literally are blind; unconscious of the tool in our hands.

They will not be.

There's not only all that which is all kinda 'mechanistic' – simply talk about a people using a tool. But there is a psychological aspect that goes along with it. A mindset.

There always has to be in human affairs doesn't there? Give a bunch angry half educated religious fundamentalists a bag of tools, so to speak, and what they'll do with them is not the same as what a collection of sober scientists with a goal in mind will do.

There's always a 'psychological environment', a setting.

Well they are doing something on a daily basis that the people of the world have never done before. Many things I suppose but the thing I'm thinking of the playing with reality, possibilities, facts and fictions, that they do in their games.

It is the norm for them to say 'what if'. It is the norm for them to be faced by weird realities. It is the norm for them to find illogicalities are the answers, the keys, to making progress.

It is the norm for them to be faced by lack of knowledge and apparent intractable situations and equally the norm for them to seek the requisite knowledge, to believe it is there and they can find it.

It is the norm for them to think they are individually the equal of anyone else in this respect: meeting obstacles, finding the way to navigate them.

I could go on. Couldn't I? I think enough said, though. You either get it or you don't.

I believe we are lumbering elephantine anachronisms.

I will give one example that might illuminate a little: Covid. Everything was wrong, untrue, bad. Covid was not so bad. The right treatments were not those mandated. The measures were all untherapeutic. Denying access to therapeutics was/is criminal.

And so on. Right?

Well 'we', us lumbering elephantine anachronisms, could have seized the tools of the web and put up web sites all over the place that found the truths and promulgated them.

And in that way we could have saved thousands and thousands of live.

The nearest we ever came to that was perhaps Sunetra Guptas' site which had a name so inappropriate and unrelated to 'covid' that I can never call it to mind.

[edit] 'collateralglobal'. I remembered. And it wasn't even a "dot com". It is for christ's sake. [/edit]

And a site like a coffee table glossy magazine when you got there. Devoid of any 'punch'. Etc.

And we 'elephantines' lumberingly discussing/whining how they had been deplatformed from free social media who never, ever, any single on of them, ever made any effort at all to put up their own site much less their own servers, much less sites devoted to helping the millions.

Why all that? Because they, we, knew no better.

And still don't. I would surmise.

How many of us know the cost of a domain?

How many of us know what to do next after getting a domain?

How many of us recognise the fundamental threat that use of hosting provider is?

And so on.

The greatest single facilitator, emancipator, sophisticated tool ever given to human being courtesy of their own intelligence and something way over 90% know no more about it than they do of any other 'public service' such as perhaps how the water reticulation/purification etc. system works for them.

But our children are different creatures. They are not as you and I.

Thank god.
And this is Dr Rob's Weekly Ukraine Update: well worth reading


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