They Even Show Their Own Evil & Get Awards For It.

The Kiev regime ‘made’ a movie and the Americans gave them an Award for it.

That movie is, of course, a total lie meant to support the prevailing narrative regarding Kiev’s invasion of the Donbas, it’s efforts at ethnic cleansing, it’s avowed hatred of Russia as a major plank of it’s cultural identity: all things nurtured and loved by the American MIC, of course. Which, itself, is all that America is.

That movie is so amateurish and flagrantly false that it even shows photographic evidence of atrocities Kiev committed and claims them to be photos of something ‘the Russians’ did.

It is always ‘the Russians’. It is never ‘the Donbas Ukrainians’. That’s 10 million Ukrainians which the very existence of has to be kept secret from you. That’s the 10 million that Kiev set out to ethnic cleanse even to genocide, ethnic eliminate, and take their land and property. Those are the people whose land Kiev invaded in 2014. Those are the people who have fought for 10 years to keep their land and for 8 years did it alone and unassisted.

It is important to the USA and Kiev that you believe this is a war between Ukraine and Russia. You must not see that it is a war of ethnic cleansing and sheer blind aggression by 30 million Ukrainians against 10 million Ukrainians ostensibly in the interests of building a ‘pure’ Ukrainian nation (ring a Nazi bell?) but really in the interests of profiting American plutocrats. No Americans, note. No. They get poorer by the day. American plutocrats.

So they make this foul movie and give it awards and push it out to the world as some great praiseworthy truth.

Folks, I don’t want to spoil your day, but it is a lie and a filthy lie and it stems from a nest of liars. Consummate liars. Habitual liars. I recommend you watch this. If the filthy liars (in the name of enlightened, sophisticated, public spirited democracy) haven’t blocked your access.

I they have blocked it then try a VPN. If that doesn’t work or you don’t know how ask your children. Or you could contact this blog and we might be able to help out.

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