How much territory should Ukraine lose?

There is a fair bit of commentary these days about possible peace deals and such and they frequently hum and haw and fuss about and say that it would mean ‘Ukraine losing territory’ and making a great stumbling block of this.

And the idea is swallowed without demur by everyone. Everyone I’ve read about at any rate.

I think it is a huge canard and at the same time a brilliant demonstration of the utter paucity of our social life today. We simply cannot talk sense. We don’t know sh** from sugar. Brain dead from total lack of any definition of terms or basic understanding of what we are talking about.

Look: if we talk about ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ we can see that Ukraine has lost NOTHING no matter where the final boundaries are drawn. More or less.

The lands owned by Donbas Ukrainians are largely still in their hands but, true, quite a bit has been taken from them by the Kiev Ukrainians, the invaders, the aggressors.

But largely they still own them.

And, of course, the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’ all still hold their lands.

So where is the loss?

Well of course the loss is not at all to ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ it is to ‘Ukraine the govt’.

It is to the rulers. They lose their power to rule as extensively as before.

Nobody escapes being ruled. Even that remains the same for the PEOPLE (excuse the shouting). They are still ruled and some will like their rulers and some will not as has always been the case.

But they will be ruled, some of them, by other than the Kiev rulers and that’s what the Kiev rulers don’t like.

And that’s what the American rulers don’t like, for they rule Kiev.

Well in fact we can see that the immediate rulers remain the same everywhere. In the Donbas they still have their local governments as before, they still have their State (Oblast) governments. But now their higher governance is by the Russian Federation instead of Kiev.

So what is the difference to the people in terms of ‘loss of territory’ ?

It is a myth. A canard. A lie. Propaganda. Deception.

Ukrainians are dying at the rate of I don’t know – easily say 2000 a month I’d say. Half a million dead already. What is victory for ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ ?

Isn’t that a pathetic question? Isn’t it plain and simple? Stop dying !

The rulers, as always, want you to believe you will lose something if you don’t protect their privileges.

The sick joke being that maybe you wouldn’t on the one hand and on the other hand you certainly will lose in the struggle to protect their privileges.

Like half a million just died to protect Kiev regime ‘right’ to ethnic cleanse the Donbas.

The thing is in the upside lunatic world of the ruling privileged it makes sense if all the PEOPLE die to save ‘the nation’.

It never occurs to them to think that if all the PEOPLE are dead there is no nation.

Because they think THEY are the nation. They are saying it is fine if YOU all die to save US.

That’s the simple upside-down. YOU die to save US. You the PEOPLE die to save us the GOVT.

No. No. No. NO. A thousand times NO. It is the GOVT should die to save the PEOPLE.


That, in miniature, of course, is what happens with every change of govt following an election. One govt dies in order to ‘save the people’.

And how do you know a govt that should die from a govt that should not?

By their fruits. Remember the biblical quote, something along the lines of ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’ ?

Yep. By their fruits. The duty of a govt is to protect its people. I think Viktor Orban said that.

Killing half a million of your own people while setting them at killing, dispossessing and ethnically cleansing their own brothers is bad fruit. Rotten. Stinking. Bad fruit.

BUT: put that to one side as the whole Western world seems happy to do, from great to small.

Return to where we started: What territory would Ukraine lose in a peace deal?

The answer is: Ukraine the PEOPLE – they would lose nothing, none. NONE. Lose no territory at all.

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