About Russell (Texas) Bentley

Russell went to Donbas and fought for the Donbas people. Those are the people who never get mentioned in the coverage of the war.

The 10 million Donbas Ukrainians that were slated for ethnic cleansing by the Kiev regime at the instigation of the USA.

So Kiev invaded in 2014 and occupied and they’ve been there ever since. Even with Russia’s help the Donbas people still have not got them out. Still.

They don’t mention that, do they?

Ten years now those Donbas people have been fighting for their own land.

They want you to believe this is a ‘Russian invasion’. They want you to believe anything but the truth.

And the saddest thing is that even the ‘alt-media’ doesn’t tell it as it is.

Well Russell knew how it was and he went there to help and it looks like in the end he was killed in very suspicious circumstances. Possibly even by his own side. Terrible things happen in wars.

We don’t know the truth yet and apparently there’s a blackout been imposed.

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