Our ‘Allies’ ?

I just watched a video where Arestovich airs his opinions and I couldn’t get far through it.

Right up front before it even gets started he’s pleased to enumerate ‘our allies’ meaning the ‘allies’ of Kiev Ukraine.

Which prompted me to write the following post which I’d like to put in my blog here for a record. I said this and I think it is very right:

These poor blokes are demented. ‘Our allies’ says Arestovich. What’s he mean ‘our’ ? Who are ‘we’?
Ukrainians? The 40 million Ukrainian people of the Ukrainian nation that Kiev claims to want to restore?
No. That’s the whole point.
He means only the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’ of today.
Still in possession of large chunks of Donbas Ukrainian territory.
Still trying their hardest to persist in their effort to dominate these people and remove their right to self determination.
Still trying to persist in ethnic cleansing.
Pushing it as far as, in fact, genocide is what they hunger for.
This is very clearly totally wrong, evil and stupid.
The clear evidence of the stupid is when 500,000 of them die for this. Had they lived what reward could they possibly have expected?
What reward to the next 500,000 to die, lined up at the front right now, expect to get?
Yes. It is madness. Blind stupid madness.
They, of course, do not see themselves in that light.
Not at all.
They think everyone else is evil – given a temporary pardon while ever they accede to every demand for help from Kiev – and they themselves are truly the victims of a terrible catastrophe.
Well okay. Let’s try to understand them. Put ourselves in their shoes for a while. See it from their perspective.
It goes like this, I think they would agree:
The natural state of Ukraine has always been under threat by Russia and Russians. The only way Ukraine can be free and be purely ‘Ukrainian’ is to remove the Russian threat.
That’s why they want NATO etc.
Well sounds alright so far.
But here’s where it starts to go wrong:
10 million of their population is very strongly entwined with Russia and Russians and what did they decide to do about that? Love them? Join with them? Embrace them? Be proud of them? Be grateful to them?
Nope. They decided that they must subject them to ethnic discrimination and even extermination in effect.
And here’s the madness: they really think they have every right and every NEED to do this.
Just as the Germans thought they had every right and every NEED to exterminate the Jews.
So they don’t say ‘Here we are and there are the Russian Ukrainians, let them go their own way’.
No. They say ‘Here we are and there are the Russian Ukrainians ON OUR LAND and we must drive them off’.
And that’s what ethnic cleansing is. That’s what the Jews are doing in Gaza right now.
That’s evil and illegal and mad and bad.
And it has nothing to do with protecting or helping or promoting the nation of ‘Ukraine’ when it is seen as a nation of 40 million PEOPLE for you don’t protect or help or promote a collection of people by killing a quarter of them.
No way.
It is all about regimes.
The Washington regime. The Kiev regime. And they are literally, quite literally and specifically AGAINST UKRAINE. They WANT Ukraine destroyed. Because that’s what it is: destruction – when you set 3/4 of a population against the other quarter. Do you remember the biblical thing: ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’ ? Well that’s it. Those that promote the division of the ‘house’ of Ukraine are promoting the fall of it.
This Arestovich is apparently incapable of seeing that.
And instead is, therefore, an enemy of Ukraine. Just the same as Washington and Kiev and London and Paris etc., etc..
A house divided against itself cannot stand.

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