About Russell (Texas) Bentley

Russell went to Donbas and fought for the Donbas people. Those are the people who never get mentioned in the coverage of the war.

The 10 million Donbas Ukrainians that were slated for ethnic cleansing by the Kiev regime at the instigation of the USA.

So Kiev invaded in 2014 and occupied and they’ve been there ever since. Even with Russia’s help the Donbas people still have not got them out. Still.

They don’t mention that, do they?

Ten years now those Donbas people have been fighting for their own land.

They want you to believe this is a ‘Russian invasion’. They want you to believe anything but the truth.

And the saddest thing is that even the ‘alt-media’ doesn’t tell it as it is.

Well Russell knew how it was and he went there to help and it looks like in the end he was killed in very suspicious circumstances. Possibly even by his own side. Terrible things happen in wars.

We don’t know the truth yet and apparently there’s a blackout been imposed.

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Our ‘Allies’ ?

I just watched a video where Arestovich airs his opinions and I couldn’t get far through it.

Right up front before it even gets started he’s pleased to enumerate ‘our allies’ meaning the ‘allies’ of Kiev Ukraine.

Which prompted me to write the following post which I’d like to put in my blog here for a record. I said this and I think it is very right:

These poor blokes are demented. ‘Our allies’ says Arestovich. What’s he mean ‘our’ ? Who are ‘we’?
Ukrainians? The 40 million Ukrainian people of the Ukrainian nation that Kiev claims to want to restore?
No. That’s the whole point.
He means only the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’ of today.
Still in possession of large chunks of Donbas Ukrainian territory.
Still trying their hardest to persist in their effort to dominate these people and remove their right to self determination.
Still trying to persist in ethnic cleansing.
Pushing it as far as, in fact, genocide is what they hunger for.
This is very clearly totally wrong, evil and stupid.
The clear evidence of the stupid is when 500,000 of them die for this. Had they lived what reward could they possibly have expected?
What reward to the next 500,000 to die, lined up at the front right now, expect to get?
Yes. It is madness. Blind stupid madness.
They, of course, do not see themselves in that light.
Not at all.
They think everyone else is evil – given a temporary pardon while ever they accede to every demand for help from Kiev – and they themselves are truly the victims of a terrible catastrophe.
Well okay. Let’s try to understand them. Put ourselves in their shoes for a while. See it from their perspective.
It goes like this, I think they would agree:
The natural state of Ukraine has always been under threat by Russia and Russians. The only way Ukraine can be free and be purely ‘Ukrainian’ is to remove the Russian threat.
That’s why they want NATO etc.
Well sounds alright so far.
But here’s where it starts to go wrong:
10 million of their population is very strongly entwined with Russia and Russians and what did they decide to do about that? Love them? Join with them? Embrace them? Be proud of them? Be grateful to them?
Nope. They decided that they must subject them to ethnic discrimination and even extermination in effect.
And here’s the madness: they really think they have every right and every NEED to do this.
Just as the Germans thought they had every right and every NEED to exterminate the Jews.
So they don’t say ‘Here we are and there are the Russian Ukrainians, let them go their own way’.
No. They say ‘Here we are and there are the Russian Ukrainians ON OUR LAND and we must drive them off’.
And that’s what ethnic cleansing is. That’s what the Jews are doing in Gaza right now.
That’s evil and illegal and mad and bad.
And it has nothing to do with protecting or helping or promoting the nation of ‘Ukraine’ when it is seen as a nation of 40 million PEOPLE for you don’t protect or help or promote a collection of people by killing a quarter of them.
No way.
It is all about regimes.
The Washington regime. The Kiev regime. And they are literally, quite literally and specifically AGAINST UKRAINE. They WANT Ukraine destroyed. Because that’s what it is: destruction – when you set 3/4 of a population against the other quarter. Do you remember the biblical thing: ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’ ? Well that’s it. Those that promote the division of the ‘house’ of Ukraine are promoting the fall of it.
This Arestovich is apparently incapable of seeing that.
And instead is, therefore, an enemy of Ukraine. Just the same as Washington and Kiev and London and Paris etc., etc..
A house divided against itself cannot stand.

How much territory should Ukraine lose?

There is a fair bit of commentary these days about possible peace deals and such and they frequently hum and haw and fuss about and say that it would mean ‘Ukraine losing territory’ and making a great stumbling block of this.

And the idea is swallowed without demur by everyone. Everyone I’ve read about at any rate.

I think it is a huge canard and at the same time a brilliant demonstration of the utter paucity of our social life today. We simply cannot talk sense. We don’t know sh** from sugar. Brain dead from total lack of any definition of terms or basic understanding of what we are talking about.

Look: if we talk about ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ we can see that Ukraine has lost NOTHING no matter where the final boundaries are drawn. More or less.

The lands owned by Donbas Ukrainians are largely still in their hands but, true, quite a bit has been taken from them by the Kiev Ukrainians, the invaders, the aggressors.

But largely they still own them.

And, of course, the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’ all still hold their lands.

So where is the loss?

Well of course the loss is not at all to ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ it is to ‘Ukraine the govt’.

It is to the rulers. They lose their power to rule as extensively as before.

Nobody escapes being ruled. Even that remains the same for the PEOPLE (excuse the shouting). They are still ruled and some will like their rulers and some will not as has always been the case.

But they will be ruled, some of them, by other than the Kiev rulers and that’s what the Kiev rulers don’t like.

And that’s what the American rulers don’t like, for they rule Kiev.

Well in fact we can see that the immediate rulers remain the same everywhere. In the Donbas they still have their local governments as before, they still have their State (Oblast) governments. But now their higher governance is by the Russian Federation instead of Kiev.

So what is the difference to the people in terms of ‘loss of territory’ ?

It is a myth. A canard. A lie. Propaganda. Deception.

Ukrainians are dying at the rate of I don’t know – easily say 2000 a month I’d say. Half a million dead already. What is victory for ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ ?

Isn’t that a pathetic question? Isn’t it plain and simple? Stop dying !

The rulers, as always, want you to believe you will lose something if you don’t protect their privileges.

The sick joke being that maybe you wouldn’t on the one hand and on the other hand you certainly will lose in the struggle to protect their privileges.

Like half a million just died to protect Kiev regime ‘right’ to ethnic cleanse the Donbas.

The thing is in the upside lunatic world of the ruling privileged it makes sense if all the PEOPLE die to save ‘the nation’.

It never occurs to them to think that if all the PEOPLE are dead there is no nation.

Because they think THEY are the nation. They are saying it is fine if YOU all die to save US.

That’s the simple upside-down. YOU die to save US. You the PEOPLE die to save us the GOVT.

No. No. No. NO. A thousand times NO. It is the GOVT should die to save the PEOPLE.


That, in miniature, of course, is what happens with every change of govt following an election. One govt dies in order to ‘save the people’.

And how do you know a govt that should die from a govt that should not?

By their fruits. Remember the biblical quote, something along the lines of ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’ ?

Yep. By their fruits. The duty of a govt is to protect its people. I think Viktor Orban said that.

Killing half a million of your own people while setting them at killing, dispossessing and ethnically cleansing their own brothers is bad fruit. Rotten. Stinking. Bad fruit.

BUT: put that to one side as the whole Western world seems happy to do, from great to small.

Return to where we started: What territory would Ukraine lose in a peace deal?

The answer is: Ukraine the PEOPLE – they would lose nothing, none. NONE. Lose no territory at all.

They Even Show Their Own Evil & Get Awards For It.

The Kiev regime ‘made’ a movie and the Americans gave them an Award for it.

That movie is, of course, a total lie meant to support the prevailing narrative regarding Kiev’s invasion of the Donbas, it’s efforts at ethnic cleansing, it’s avowed hatred of Russia as a major plank of it’s cultural identity: all things nurtured and loved by the American MIC, of course. Which, itself, is all that America is.

That movie is so amateurish and flagrantly false that it even shows photographic evidence of atrocities Kiev committed and claims them to be photos of something ‘the Russians’ did.

It is always ‘the Russians’. It is never ‘the Donbas Ukrainians’. That’s 10 million Ukrainians which the very existence of has to be kept secret from you. That’s the 10 million that Kiev set out to ethnic cleanse even to genocide, ethnic eliminate, and take their land and property. Those are the people whose land Kiev invaded in 2014. Those are the people who have fought for 10 years to keep their land and for 8 years did it alone and unassisted.

It is important to the USA and Kiev that you believe this is a war between Ukraine and Russia. You must not see that it is a war of ethnic cleansing and sheer blind aggression by 30 million Ukrainians against 10 million Ukrainians ostensibly in the interests of building a ‘pure’ Ukrainian nation (ring a Nazi bell?) but really in the interests of profiting American plutocrats. No Americans, note. No. They get poorer by the day. American plutocrats.

So they make this foul movie and give it awards and push it out to the world as some great praiseworthy truth.

Folks, I don’t want to spoil your day, but it is a lie and a filthy lie and it stems from a nest of liars. Consummate liars. Habitual liars. I recommend you watch this. If the filthy liars (in the name of enlightened, sophisticated, public spirited democracy) haven’t blocked your access.

I they have blocked it then try a VPN. If that doesn’t work or you don’t know how ask your children. Or you could contact this blog and we might be able to help out.


Macron and other lunatics

Macron is a lunatic. Sunak is a lunatic. Biden is a lunatic. Scholz is a lunatic. They are all lunatics and they act without consultation with or concern for their people.

Doing their best to run the world into nuclear war. Wrecking their nations day by day.

Absolutely. All across the western world. as far afield as Australia.
And why/how can they/do they do this?

Because western people have been trained, indoctrinated, schooled to believe their interaction, input, to government occurs once every few years only. and that’s their chance to ‘fix everything’ magically somehow by casting a vote.

Usually for one Party or the Other. Which then will run things. Leave it to them. Your part done.

The people do not cast this vote for themselves. Not for themselves, their own wishes. Only for this or that Party which may or may not happen to share the same interests: usually not, at least not when it gets down to it.

So that’s it. You speak once every few years. And that’s it. That’s your ‘input’ to govt.

The people all know that’s the way of it. All the politicians know that’s the way of it. All the lobbying big business interests directing the course of the govts actions know that’s the way of it.

Hence the people are totally: but ‘totally’, discounted. Ignored. As trivial, unimportant.

And during that hiatus between ‘magically fix it all’ votes the people do in fact completely ignore the government.

At times of great stress they resort to marching in the streets and riot rather than attempting to use the democratic machinery.

Governing themselves is an idea and practice completely – but utterly and completely – foreign to the mass of the people. The ‘mass’ of them to something like 99.99% at a guess.
And yet they live in nations ostensibly devoted to ‘govt of the people by the people for the people’.

There is a clear need for a radical change.

The people need to be able to register their attitude towards the govt and issues of the day at any time. Any time. 27/7/52.

And they need to know what they are doing as a group instantly.

And they need to be able to do this easily. At the push of a button from a bed, an easy chair, within the car, anywhere, any time.

And today in 2024 technology and infrastructure has finally developed to where for the first time in the history of populous nations the above is now possible.

Given the right apps we would all have our account on the ‘national voters register’ which is what the app or collection of apps would comprise.

And we could push buttons to vote and to change votes. As easily as that.

And see graphically the numbers of us who’ve voted this way or that. i.e. watch what we are all collectively doing. In real time. And know we can believe what we’re seeing.

And vote on any small issues as they come up, too.
All with thumbpress on a smartphone.

That is not here yet.

But mini examples of this kind of thing abound: polls, surveys and govt statistics.

Pollsters scour the social media to take account of how the public seem to be feeling about this or that.
Marketers do the same thing and are forever running ‘market surveys’ on the web.
When it pleases them the govt does it too.

But all these polls and surveys and statistics can be deeply flawed as we saw in the American elections and in fact predominantly are.
It is almost axiomatic that the polls are wrong. Surveys interpolate inaccurately. Stats are interpreted wrongly.

And there are forces out there devoted to sabotaging truth. As we saw in the American elections again.

For on social media no one knows if an account is real or totally false. It may belong to a robot, i.e. no one. A person may have many accounts. And so on.
Just as in the American elections. The dead vote. Non existent people vote. Individuals vote many times, etc.

But honest Open Source apps built for the purpose: open source so that their integrity can be constantly monitored by the programmer community, would be at least as secure as your bank account apps.
And would be tied to real persons. And one account per person. Etc.

Such simple apps would fix everything, all the problems of our archaic voting systems today.

So we could have an app or a number of apps that together represent the ‘voting’ accounts of the whole population. i.e. the whole register of voters.

And say they all vote for a certain measure or action. What then?

It could be protested that there are no ‘teeth’ in this are there?

That the govt and vested interests don’t have to take any account of this clear desire/decision of the people any more than they take account of the polls, surveys and stats that they have had to hand prior to this.

Well no. They don’t. After all it is not their app, is it? Not their apps. They are Open Source, the code. The apps belong to the people not to the govt. It is not an official govt app with legislation demanding they ‘obey’ it.

So they do not have to take any notice at all of the ‘output’ from these ‘voting apps’.

But that is not really how it would work in the real world is it? On closer inspection we see there are ‘teeth’.

For this ‘survey’ is TRUE. It is quite definitely true, honest, real. Not fake. Not a beat up. Not a con. Not a publicity stunt. Not another erroneous poll.

We all know it is true. All the hundreds of thousands of highly skilled and intelligent programmers throughout the world can check the code and pronounce on the accuracy of it.

No. This represents one true person: one vote and every vote was made deliberately and with forethought.

This represents truth.

And what does that mean? It means that the elected reps who until now have happily disregarded their constituents once elected and obeyed only the dictates of the Party – lest the Party withdraws support for them and they lose their seats – now see the true honest writing on the wall.

If they do not do these wishes of the people they will lose their seats, Party or no Party.

We still have the totally inefficient and anachronistic ‘once every few years’ voting mechanism but now it has become a mere formality. Long before we ever get to that date the thoughts, moods, opinions, intentions of the voting public are clear to see.

Seeing the ‘writing on the wall’ individual reps would for the first time begin to represent their constituents on the floor of the house wherever that might be in that nation.

They would begin to argue with their Party because they see appeasing the Party will not help when the people are clearly against them.

We have the ability to run the nations ourselves, finally, now. With the help of computer, internet, smartphone.
And we need to do it.

Whilst Whining…

Whilst standing on land that is not theirs, that they invaded in 2014 the Kiev Ukrainians whine that they’re defending against an invasion.

Whilst shelling still the Donetsk City civilians indiscriminately as they have done for the last 10 years they whine that they’re ‘short of shells’.

Whilst supported by 45 nations they whine that they’re facing a larger enemy.

Whilst attacking to this day the Donbas on anti-democratic ethnic cleansing grounds they whine that they are supporting democracy.

Whilst accepting support from 45 nations not one of which has consulted its people they whine they are protecting the people.

Whilst shunning talk in favour of action that has brought about the deaths of half a million of their own they claim they are acting in the interests of the people.

Whilst whining they are being coldly and callously used by the USA which does not even attempt to hide the fact but actually boasts about it: the ‘cost effectiveness’ of achieving their own aims.

Whilst they are whining you are used as dupes to support them.

And to add insult to injury large chunks of your support simply get siphoned off into private wealth.

There is only one retort and I found it today:


here is the song they’re dancing and singing to:


and again: with English subtitles so you know exactly what they’re saying..


America has done this. Hear/see what he sings – ‘…in spite of the whole world…’ ?

America turned the whole world against Russia. The whole world.

And made Russia strong. And made the world pusillanimous sycophantic idiot panders.

AND: sowed the seeds of its own destruction just as surely a Israel is doing that, too.