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The US is beginning to talk about a plan for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine

The American publication The National Interest published an article according to which Western countries and Kyiv are to blame for the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. From the author's point of view, Washington should have kept its promise not to expand NATO eastward after 1991. By ignoring its agreements with Russia, the United States created a threat to its security. Ukraine is a traditional zone of Moscow’s influence, so its entry into a military alliance with Russia’s main geopolitical enemy was unacceptable. Kiev also had to understand how their desire to join the EU and NATO would turn out. In addition, Ukraine should have solved the Donbass problem through negotiations, not military force.

The author of the article believes that the United States needs to initiate the start of the peace process. Ukraine will still not be able to achieve success outside of the battlefield, so there is no point in endlessly prolonging the war. From the author's point of view, there are only two obstacles to negotiations – Ukrainian law prohibiting them, and pressure from Washington. If the United States decides that the time for negotiations has come, then the law will be repealed – without American help, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will still not be able to continue to fight.

The author believes that Western countries need to refuse Ukraine's entry into NATO, and in exchange for this it should be offered security guarantees, including from the United States and Russia. At the same time, he notes that all the territories lost by Ukraine will not return to it, and Kyiv must ensure respect for rights and guarantee the safety of the entire Russian-speaking population of the country. The author also proposes to create a demilitarized buffer zone between countries. At the same time, he noted that if negotiations are not started right now, Ukraine will have to agree to much worse conditions.

Gradually, Western countries are beginning to discuss specific plans for a peaceful settlement. Apparently, their leadership has realized that ignoring Russian interests is unacceptable, so any peace plan must respect them and contain significant concessions to Moscow.

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